Why You're Not Losing Weight + Resource Guide (EBOOK)

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The number one question I get is, "HOW DID YOU DO IT?"

Losing over 133lbs in less than a year was not an easy task. I struggled over 10 years of my adult life trying to defeat obesity. While I was in denial for some time, I've always known that my weight was unhealthy. Being unhealthy started to become uncomfortable, and being uncomfortable, became unbearable.

Throughout my numerous weight loss journey attempts, I consistently failed. I consistently would lose weight then gain it, plus more back. I tried every diet, every fitness program, every thing imaginable, but none of it worked.

Facing reality meant, I would be overweight my entire life... This was something I was not willing to accept and neither should you!

Are you struggling with getting started?

Are you tired of being unmotivated? 

Are you ready to change change your mindset about weight loss? 

If you want to know the real reason you're NOT losing weight, check out my FIRST ever made with LOVE, 16 page EBOOK + Resource Guide.

fat black woman before and after 100 pounds